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Moovexx as an source brand, associating itself with the brands’ products, respecting their creations and adding innovation, without the need for major process adaptation or production disruption.

Furthermore, partner brands are approved and receive licensing to use the technology that best enhances their product.

Through the Business Lab, a way of bringing together partner companies and investments, generating technological advances for the textile industry, fashiontech enables innovative applications in the market by helping partners to apply new technologies in their products.

Redefining sizing

Redefining sizing

Redefining sizing

Unlocking Economic Advantages with moovexx: Optimizing Sales, Reducing Returns, and Boosting Efficiency

moovexx isn’t just about clothing; it’s about optimizing the way you do business. Embrace a solution that reduces costs, enhances customer satisfaction, and aligns with the evolving demands of the modern marketplace. Welcome to a more economically efficient future with moovexx.

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