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About us

I’m Renata Iwamizu. Following my dad steps on textile industry I created Moovexx® as a healthy solution for our belly and waist. For years we struggled with different types of pants and biotypes of bodies that does not fit on, we always seemed comfort impossibly out of reach. It was frustrating watching high fashion industry ignoring body types and people healthy.

Out of those discouragements came a drive and passion to create our own solution for waistband, and we spent years developing and testing them in industry in different  body types. Then my career began when I won an award from the largest textile industry in the country, at the time, Santista Têxtil. I had only 19 years old and studying design. We’ve since grown and I create my own company Kanzo that uses the waistband technology Moovexx® that  became the solution I had been looking for all those years.

My mission here is contribute to textile industry bringing healthy and wellness as a basic principle for a life well-lived.

moovexx: Transforming Industries, Recognized Globally

Elevating Comfort and Performance Across Industries

Experience the innovation that’s rewriting the rules of comfort and functionality. Moovexx’s pioneering technology has found resonance across diverse sectors, including military and municipal police forces in Brazil. With a history of success, Moovexx has already been applied in more than one million bottoms, redefining freedom of movement and enhancing peak performance without sacrificing comfort. But it doesn’t stop there. Esteemed brands in the fashion market have also harnessed the power of Moovexx, infusing their products with unprecedented comfort and adaptability. This isn’t just talk—our technology has been internationally acclaimed, securing awards and patents in key regions like the USA, Europe, and Japan. Moovexx is not just a revolution; it’s a global recognition of the impact that innovation can have across industries. Explore how Moovexx is rewriting the narrative of comfort and performance, transforming industries worldwide, and setting new benchmarks for excellence.

I believe that we should respect our body at the center of everything we do, that means inclusion no matter what design you wear it

Renata CEO and Moovexx founder