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    What we’re asked the most

    Because the moovexx is fairly new, it is normal to have some doubts and curiosities about their system. We listed here some of the most frequent doubts to facilitate your understanding.

    About Moovexx®

    What is Moovexx® technology?

    Moovexx® technology is the brand name of the original spandex (elastane) invented and patent in 2018.

    Who makes Moovexx ® technology?

    The Moovexx Company innovates and produces solutions for the apparel and personal care industries. Headquartered in Iturama, Minas Gerais – Brazil.

    Where is Moovexx ® technology made?

    The Moovexx Company, owner of the Moovexx® brand is made in Brazil.

    Quality Moovexx®

    What is the difference between Moovexx ® technology and spandex or elastane?

    None. Moovexx®  integrated those and create a flexible waistband.

    How will I know if the garment I’m buying has Moovexx ® technology?

    You can check on the sides of your pants if it has Moovexx® logo on the spandex (elastane).It also includes hang tags and trademark license.

    How do I care for my garments with Moovexx ® technology?

    Moovexx® is washer and dryer friendly, you can clean like a regular clothes.

    Benefits Moovexx®

    What are the main benefits of Moovexx ® technology?

    Moovexx® technology design a new waistband, providing a comfortable fit, making any pants perfect shape for you adding a lasting performance….. unique movement experience.Better for your waist beta for you health.